Ring 244 Holdiay Show

On December 7th, 2006 Ring 244 hosted its annual holiday show at the Plainview Library.

Mike Maione took and submitted these photos.

MC Steve and the pop-away wand
Amazin' Jess lives up to her name!
Billy collects a lot of laughs with Spotty Bag ... ...and..."Just one more knot!"
Nick presents a unique mind reading effect
Magic Al is ready to perform on a moments notice...and so is Sponge Bob
Its no guess when Maryanne knows what you're thinking. Wayne (no, that is not a self portrait) reels 'em in with Father Time
Big finish with the whole Haarhaus family
And finally, Bill let's them pick a card... ...and Magic finds it!
"Bill, it's for you!" "Ta-Da!" (Magic has left the building)