January 2007: One Per Person

MC Eric Greenberg

Photos Submitted by Mike Maione

New members are ritualized Plaque for services rendered


For January, each of the members present dazzled the audience with a variety of feats of legerdemain


I think this might be the same card Leo has in the picture below OK Bill, if you really liked that one, I'll write down the instructions ...but it'll take work!
And so you see, I had Eric's card in my pocket all the while!...I'm saving the good stuff for when I MC Comedy Magic! Stall for time... cut the cards while I read the directions
It's really hard to read the markings on the back of a miniature deck! Just a tap, did you feel it happen?...no?...c'mon, play along...I'm dyin' up here

I can't look at you...one look and I bust out laughing!

Well, that's the most ridiculous thing I ever hoid!

You do realize the "Goldman" is an anagram for "Damn Log"
No particular order at all...here's an 8, king, then a 3 and a 10... Is it on it's way up...or down?
Witty comment is under construction
OK, pure sleight of hand with ordinary objects...four polished halve dollars I got from the bank, a rubber-backed foam mat and an ordinary household chrome pillbox (and my cowboy hankie) Are you the guy that beat everybody at "tug of war" at the picnic?...well it aint gonna help you here!
So you see, they all add up to 65...so 13+10+34+what wil l bring this to a successful conclusion
OK, it's Elmsley-Jordan-Elmsley, then put the last card on top...no,wait it's Jordan-modified Hamman then bottom cop...or no, maybe it's Vernon Through the fist flourish...................... Wait, was it my turn or his?...I thought I was doing the trick...
You sir, are you more awake than my assistant here? OK..this little piggie went to market..
What am I bid for this silk?... If I teach you this one, will you teach me yours with all the numbers? ...is there much math involved?